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Noosa Shodokan Aikido
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Noosa Shodokan Aikido


Aikido is a defensive Japanese Martial art, there are several styles of Aikido but they all have the same principles:


Avoid the attack

Break the balance of the attacker

Apply technique in the form of strikes, throws or locks to subdue the attacker.


Aikido requires NO STRENGTH, which makes Aikido suitable for all age groups, sexes and body shapes.


Shodokan Aikido

Is a style of Aikido that teaches Aikido basics in a very structured form. The basics make the application of Aikido technique effective in real life situations and sport aikido competitions.

Shodokan Aikido is taught the same way in every Dojo (training place) around the world. All technical direction is taken from Tetsuro Nariyama Shihan 8th Dan the head of the Shodokan Aikido movement.


Benefits of Aikido in Noosa

Fitness without boredom of the gym, the road, the pool ….etc

Aikido requires interaction with a partner, thus it is a social form of exercise.

Aikido practice will improve your flexibility, core strength and reactions.

Classes for Adults and Children

Competition Aikido to test your skills


I look forward to seeing you on the mat for your first FREE Aikido lesson.


Garry Bright - Shodan

Noosa Shodokan Aikido

0435 565908

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